Sri Mohan Shyam Sharma

Mohan Shyam Sharma was born in 1966 in Rajasthan. Since age ten, he has learned pakhawaj under his uncle, Pandit Tota Ram Sharma of Mathura, who himself is a disciple of Guru Puroshottam Das of Nathdwara, Pandit Murli Dharji of Vrindavan, and Pandit Ayodhya Prasad. Mohan Shyam also took lessons from Pandit Prem Vallabh of Delhi, who was a tabla disciple of Ustad Ahmedjan Thirakwa, as well as a pakhawaj player in the Kudau Singh style.
Mohan Shyam Sharma began performing in 1984 at the age of eighteen. He became an 'A' Grade Artist at All India Radio in 1986 at the age of twenty. He has performed in all the major music festivals in India. He has also performed in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Russia, Germany, France, Italy, Switzerland, Holland, Japan, and the U.S.
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