Sri Ramakrishan

Son of a famous Nagara exponent and Shehnai player, Late Solanki Ramakaran, Shri Ramakrishan, started learning this instrument from his father, at a tender age of 6. His fundamental understanding of classical and folk rhythmic systems developed from listening to various professional nagara players everyday at Pushkar's Brahm temple, since his childhood.His systematic training started with Ustad Laluji in the traditional manner of learning. He started practicing Nagara playing at the Pushkar Ghats and in different temples at Pushkar, thereby achieving maturity of expression and by performing at radio and television. He has been accompanying many local and folk performing traditions as well as with the classical north Indian tradition. He has successfully transposed the techniques of tabla and pakhawaj playing onto the Nagara.Having performed at all the major festivals across India, Sh. Ramakrishan has been awarded at many state and national level functions including the Sangeet Natak Akademi Award in 1994.

Sri Nathu Lal

He is the disciple and younger brother of Ramakrishan has been accompanying him for a long time. Formerly a policeman he resigned his job to keep this dying art form alive and dynamic. Sh. Moola Ramji will accompany them on harmonium.

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