Sri Pempe Khan
Born in village Hamira (Rajasthan), and son of the legendary Chuhar Khan, Pempe Khan was a prodigious talent even when he was a child. Yajmani tradition was the only source of livelihood in his early life. The musical tradition of the family was passed on to him by his father. After the death of his father he learnt this art from his elder brother Sakar Khan.
Besides singing, Pempe Khan began with playing the Dholak. Later on he started playing the Shehnai and after sometime he learnt the art of murali (flue). At present he is equally dexterous at these two instruments. He plays a dhol with exquisite skill. He won worldwide fame with his musical talent at the international festivals held in France, USA, USSR and Japan. His two sons, namely, Khete Khan (Shehnai player and flutist) and Chhuge Khan (Shehnai player, flutist and singer) are keeping the family tradition alive.

Sri Hashim Khan
Aged 65, Hashim Khan was born into a Manganiyar family of performers in village Betina (distt. Jaisalmer). Sh. Chandney Khan, his father and eventual guru, was a renowned Kamaicha exponent and dhol player. Eldest of these brothers, Hasham Khan is a composer of kabitts of an amazing range. Besides these he is known for rendering Devi chhands and composing chhands for his jajmans, the Rathors. He specializes in playing the dhol during Ghoomar - the folk dance of Rajasthani women. A widely traveled figure he has performed at various music festivals in Rajasthan and in the national circuit also.

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