Pandit Sushil Kumar Jain
Born in 1946, Pt. Sushil Kumar Jain was initially inclined towards being a vocalist but gradually found his vocation in Table playing. His early training was done under Pt. Naurata Ram Mohan who was a music director with theatrical companies at Ludhiana.
He belongs to the Punjab gharana, represented by such luminaries as Ustad Malang Khan, Miyan Shauqat Hussain Khan Sahib, Miyan Qadir Bakhsh Khan Sahib. The present khalifa of this gharana, Sangeet Acharya Lakshman Singh Seen taught Pt. Sushil Kumar Jain.
Punjab gharana has a discrete style of tabla playing which is oriented towards Pakhawaj. Pt. Jain has carved an analytical distinction for himself where intricate compositions' assembly, pattern, factors are mutated. He has accompanied eminent artists like Pt. Jasraj, Pt. Budhaditta Mukherjee, Late Pt. A. Kanan, Ustad Jamaluddin Bharti, etc.

Pt. Jain has many radio recordings credited to him. He has performed at many music programmes including the Harballabh Sangeet Sammelan, where he has been a jury member also.
Currently, he is training many disciples in the art of percussion.
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