Sakar Khan

Born in 1938 (Village Hamira, Distt. Jaisalmer, Rajasthan), renowned Kamayacha player Sakar Khan inherited this art from his father Chuhar Khan. Battling financial adversity in his early life Sakar Khan's fortunes looked up with his first radio broadcast in 1976, with the help of Komal Kothari. He would earn his living by singing and playing musical instruments on the occasions of wedding and other ceremonies of his yajmans.
His first stage performance was at Jaipur. The Sangeet Natak Akademi recorded his performance at Jodhpur. Thereafter, at international festivals held in France, USA, USSR, Japan etc. Sakar Khan won worldwide recognition.
Besides several other awards that came his way, Sakar Khan was honoured by the Madhya Pradesh government with the prestigious Tulsi Samman in 1990. The Sangeet Natak Akademi award was bestowed on him in 1991.
Although formally illiterate, Sakar Khan's musical insight is formidable. He plays Kamayacha with unflinching concentration, and delights the listeners with his captivating rendition. Profoundly inspired by Chuhar Khan, a great artiste, Sakar Khan is well-versed in six Ragas and thirty six Raginis. His repertoire, both folk and classical, is soaked in Shringar Rasa.

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