A Foreword by
Bhai Baldeep Singh

According to our scriptures, the primordial, all pervading vibrations (spanda) in the form of ãhat and anãhat nãd, struck and un-struck sound, create, in infinite patterns of sequential variations, different sounds and, at the best, evoke a fascinating temporal ambience around the rasikas.

Rhythm is omnipresent in life itself, in the microcosm and macrocosm, from the heartbeat to the rhythm of the spheres, from the warriors' drums to all kinds of festive celebrations and solemn occasions, and its variform appeal transcends linguistic and cultural barriers.
Percussion instruments used in different Indian musical traditions congregate as a two days' festival to celebrate the variety and depth of rhythm, in both the classical and the folk realms and to clarify not only the meaning of fundamental concepts of laya, matrã and tãla, but also their deeper philosophic significance, along with their practical application in Indian music. Though attempts to bring out the interconnection between rhythm, music and poetry have been highlighted since ancient times, our organization, i.e. Anãd Foundation, is the first to draw the attention of music lovers to rhythm and its importance, not only to vocal and instrumental music, but as a distinctive solo form of artistic expression which deserves close and repeated  nay, even reverent - attention. In this occasion, artists who have dedicated their lives to the preservation of their cultural traditions, will present some aesthetic riches from their repertoire, either by playing at some percussion instruments or through recitation of rhythmic patterns and verbal collocations, all set in rhythm.

Today, when the various art forms are in danger of losing their identity and dissipating the individual riches of their unique repertoires, because of growing consumerism that is creeping into the art world too, Anãd Foundation is committed to the preservation of traditional forms in music. As part of this endeavor, on the occasion of this festival, “Laya Darshan”, Anãd Records has the honor to present the first two volumes published in its World Music Heritage Series: Jodi and Dhrupadi Rabab.
Along with performances by classical and folk musicians, a seminar will also be held on December 17th and 18th, from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Anãd Records premises, with the purpose of encouraging and promoting interaction not only between artists from different traditions but also between the students of the art who are expected to carry on their respective heritage for future generations.
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