Pt. Panna Lal Upadhyaya

Born in 1942 in village Ishwarpur, Gaya (Bihar), Pt. Panna Lal Upadhyaya belongs to the Late Pt.Basudev Upadhyay Gharana, Gaya and is related to the clan of late Pt.Baldev Upadhyay.
By his sheer grit and doggedness Pt.Panna Lal Upadhyaya has kept alive his traditional style of Pakhawaj playing and now he is ranked amongst the top Pakhawaj exponents in our country. He is particularly adept at bol, varnas, layakari and padhant. He is an soloist and also maintains his distinction while accompanying other artists. He is a widely traveled and much celebrated figure at various Dhrupad festivals and at other musical programmes. His solo performances have been broadcasted on radio.
Swar Sadhana Samiti, Mumbai honoured him with its 'Swar Sadhana Ratn' award.
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